I created this blog when my sweet little girl, Kristen, was diagnosed with cancer, for the third time. After fighting for almost 3 years Kristen was called home to that same God who gave her life. One of my favorite quotes comes from Neal A. Maxwell- "Those who "plow in hope" not only understand the law of the harvest but they also understand what growing seasons are all about. True, those with genuine hope may see their proximate circumstances shaken like a kaleidoscope at times, yet with the "Eye of faith" they still see divine design." Kristen blessed lives and continues to do so. Her light continues to shine. As for me, I continue to "plow in hope" knowing well that Kristen is mine for eternity. Families can be together forever!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kristen's Light

Recently I had the opportunity to deliver gifts to three
little boys who are staying in the hospital.
One is fighting leukemia and the other was born 
with gastroschisis and the other needed open heart surgery
just days after he was born.
I love that I can keep Kristen's light burning.
I will never forget how excited she was when a Build-a-Bear
was delivered to her while she was in the hospital.
 I delivered bears for the patients and book bags
for their mothers. 

I continue to miss Kristen so very much. 
It would be pretty easy for me to crawl into bed and 
never get out. Happiness and joy are things I have had to
look for. I find it by spending time with my family and
serving others. 

"It is better to light a candle than
 to curse the darkness."
~Eleanor Roosevelt

Kristen's light will forever shine

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

catching up

Life has been crazy busy.
Most of my busyness involves family so I guess its okay.
We have been celebrating birthdays, going on camp-outs and loving summer.

This little lovely turned 3.

and this little lovely turned 4

Little cousins meeting for the first time

baby boy at 4 days old

Grandpa turned 82

 A quick thought to end the night

Friday, August 15, 2014

fairies and frogs

Summer seems to be quickly coming to and end.
In about 10 days the children will be returning to school. 
We love summer.
With the help of the kids we made a fairy garden.
By now it's almost completely overgrown.
You know what they say about fairies...
A rustle in the wind tells you a fairy is near!
We believe in fairies and their glistening fairy dust.

We even caught a frog!
This girl is the only one who dared to pick it up.

Another sign summers end is near...

The other morning I was feeling overwhelmed
with a lot of things. I wondered what the
next few months would bring. 
I even had a little anxiety set in.
I stepped outside and just at that very moment
a family of quail flew in and landed in the bushes
in front of me. 
A orange butterfly soon joined them and twirled about.
I suddenly felt calm and a feeling of peace set in.
I knew everything would be alright.