I created this blog when my sweet little girl, Kristen, was diagnosed with cancer, for the third time. After fighting for almost 3 years Kristen was called home to that same God who gave her life. One of my favorite quotes comes from Neal A. Maxwell- "Those who "plow in hope" not only understand the law of the harvest but they also understand what growing seasons are all about. True, those with genuine hope may see their proximate circumstances shaken like a kaleidoscope at times, yet with the "Eye of faith" they still see divine design." Kristen blessed lives and continues to do so. Her light continues to shine. As for me, I continue to "plow in hope" knowing well that Kristen is mine for eternity. Families can be together forever!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

saying goodbye

Yesterday my youngest son left for a 2 year mission with our church. It was hard to say goodbye, but I know he is doing the right thing. I started a blog for him at elderkirtoninarizona.blogspot.com
He will be able to e-mail me once a week and write letters more often if he has time. I will be posting his experiences on his blog. I started his blog mostly because when he returns home in 2 years I can have his blog printed into a book. That is one thing I love about Kristen's blog. I love to turn it into a book every couple of years. I treasure her books.

Kristen's blog will continue to be filled with 
family events, 
stories about Kristen, 
stories about cancer patients, 
prayer requests,
stories about orphans, 
and all the good that is going on in the world to honor and remember Kristen.
Donations and gifts are being made throughout the year and donated
to the children at Primary Children's Medical Center.
Blankets, pillowcases, activity and parent bags are being made and delivered
to sick children everywhere. If you know someone who could use some of
please email with their info. 

Pillowcases are continually being made and distributed around the county
and even some world wide in remembrance of Kristen .
These pillowcases bring smiles, warmth and comfort to cancer patients
and others.
is continuing their efforts in the sewing of pillowcases as they contribute to
Their pillowcases are sewn in Sarah's Sewcial Lounge.
These pillowcases are delivered with this enclosed card...

Kristen continues to be a positive influence in the lives of many.
Her light continues to shine.

Kristen (November 2009)

 Elder Kirton 

 The gang just before we dropped off Ryan

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

I wish him all the best. ((HUGS))
He is very handsome!