Monday, January 21, 2013

Busy Sunday

Yesterday was a big day. Besides Nora's blessing, Ryan also talked in church. In our religion before missionaries leave they give a '"farewell" talk. Ryan was awesome in fact his talk was outstanding. It's hard to believe he is leaving in just 9 days. Oh how I am going to miss him.

After church we had bagels and donuts at our house. Every time I turned around one of the kids was taking another bite of a donut. I think on last count Jordan had 6. 

I think Katy may have been counting how many donuts Cody had eaten.

Katy must have been cold as I soon found her wrapped in Kristen's blanket. All of Kristen's things are so precious to all of us. 

It was a GREAT day. I feel so blessed to have such amazing people
in my life. Thank you to all who supported us yesterday.
Thank you Ryan and Nora for blessing our lives. 
We love you!

I've started a blog for Ryan so I could keep track of his experiences and
pictures. I decided on a blog because when he comes home I can print it
into a book for him. That is one of my most favorite part of Kristen's
blog, the fact that I can make it into a book.
It is the best journal ever.
If you are interested in following Ryan's blog, let me
know and I'll give you the web address.


Jana said...

I'm sure you'd give it to us either way, but you best be sending that blog address this way!!

Rochelle said...

Love your family and I would love to follow your blog for Ryan! Awesome!