I created this blog when my sweet little girl, Kristen, was diagnosed with cancer, for the third time. After fighting for almost 3 years Kristen was called home to that same God who gave her life. One of my favorite quotes comes from Neal A. Maxwell- "Those who "plow in hope" not only understand the law of the harvest but they also understand what growing seasons are all about. True, those with genuine hope may see their proximate circumstances shaken like a kaleidoscope at times, yet with the "Eye of faith" they still see divine design." Kristen blessed lives and continues to do so. Her light continues to shine. As for me, I continue to "plow in hope" knowing well that Kristen is mine for eternity. Families can be together forever!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 12th

Tomorrow it will be 3 years since my dad suddenly passed away.
I really wonder how any of us have gotten by without him.
My dad was the boss. 
He called not only his 3 children everyday but also his grandchildren. 
He knew where everyone was. He kept track of every one of us.

He helped and loved us all. He was a huge part of all of our lives.
Even now, 3 years later, is seems so unreal.

Dad, our love for you has not waned with time,
it continues to grow with each passing day.

I just barely received a copy of the pictures from my son's wedding.
He was married June 30, 2005.
I know that was 7 years ago, but I found several great pictures of
my dad that no one has ever seen.
I thought today would be a great day to share them.

My dad has only one sister.
She misses him terribly.
She also has never seen these pictures.
I think she will like them.
Notice Kristen in the bottom corner tickling Brooke's foot.

Here is the cute couple.
They've hardly changed a bit in 7 years.

I also found this little gem,
look at that darling little Kristen.

  I'm hoping for a little excitement to begin any day.
Kim is 40 weeks today.
Isn't she darling!
Everyone think baby thoughts and maybe we can get the little one
here before the weekend is over.


Heather said...

Your dad has the most genuine, kind smile Polly. Just something about it. And his eyes, seem to actually twinkle.

Peace and love to you my sweet friend as you are missing him while waiting for the joyous arrival of your newest grandchild. I just wrote about the circle of life. The beauty of it despite the sadness that accompanies this journey of life.

I am only 3 months in. Surreal to me.And I will imagine, 3 years form now, it will be the same.

Love to you and your beautiful crew.

Rochelle said...

Hugs to you especially today. Oh my your family just oozes with love and tenderness. Blessed, so very blessed you are.
Kim looks beautiful. Can't wait to meet the new little angel that is blessed to be in your family!

Cindy said...

Your dad was very handsome. And I always love to see pictures of Kristen.