Friday, March 23, 2012

baby steps

It's been 20 months and Kristen's clothes still hang neatly in her closet. 
She always wanted everything organized. 
She was very much a girl of routine. She had a daily and a nightly routine.
As I think about the last few weeks of her life I feel that she was so blessed
that even as the days were coming to an end she was still able to 
carry out her routine until the very end. 
Just hours before she died she still did the very same things she had done every night.
It has been difficult to let any of Kristen's things become out of place, used or touched.
Her clothes are still neatly folded in her drawers. All of her things pretty much
remain in the same place she left them.

The other night I was tending Brooke.  I usually do not have one on one
time with any of my grandchildren, but this night I just had Brooke.
She begged and pleaded for me to find her a craft to do.
I knew very well where I could find some things to do.
Kristen's room.
Kristen had a sand art kit that Kamie had given her in the hospital.
Kristen loved it. You can tell by the pictures that Kristen enjoyed making 
the sand bottles.  I felt it was finally time to get the sand kit out and let Brooke play with it.
As Brooke was making her bottle she kept saying,
"Polly, I haven't had this much fun my whole life."
I smiled and knew it was finally okay.
Kristen would not have minded a bit
In fact she was probably smiling down on Brooke.

Oh yes, and then we made cupcakes for the first day of Spring.

Happy Friday and have a GREAT weekend.


Kristin said...

Aww. Just got a little choked up.

Tricia said...

What a beautiful way to share Kristen's love with her!

Rochelle said...

Very great way to share Kristen! Happy spring! You are the best.

Cindy said...

So beautiful. The next generation is sharing in, not only Kristen's love of crafts, but the actual crafts she used. Kristen's hands held those tools. Her light still shines.