Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yes, I bought birds

I heard a rather excited Sara yelling from the kitchen,
"Grandma!!! Did you buy birds?"
I ran to see what she could possibly be talking about.
There she was holding a package of purple peeps.
I've never seen anyone get so excited about peeps before.
From now on. they aren't peeps, they are birds.

Tomorrow is Kristen's 2nd Bone Marrow Birthday.
Here is the post from the transplant day.
Sometimes it seems like an eternity ago and other times it seems like yesterday.
I remember the anticipation of the day.
This was her chance for a cure,
but a cure was not to be.

Sometimes I ask the simple question, Why?
Why wasn't she saved?
Tonight at the cemetery the sunset was beautiful,
it again reminded that I am not in charge.
There's a plan, a perfect plan.
I have faith in that plan.
I am thankful for the extra 146 days that we had with Kristen,
without the transplant the days would have been much fewer.


Rochelle said...

Thankful for each moment that Kristen was with you here on Earth. Thankful she brought us to your family.
Prayerful for your sweet family each and every day.
Thank you again for the sweet homecoming surprises for the kids you are a blessing.

Cindy said...

Did you buy birds? I love it!! And the sunset was beautiful.

Beth received a very special box in the mail this week. :) They are perfect! Thank you so much. You are one amazing lady.

Amy said...

Thinking of Kristen today... Thanks for blogging about your sweet angel! Love to hear the joy of buying birds for your granddaughter too! You are blessed and we are blessed by you too! The pillowcases you made are sweet reminders of our Nikita- now in heaven one year.
Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness!