Friday, May 13, 2011

Sarah the Celebrity

 Sarah and Joyce have been in Utah all week.
I feel so lucky to have had the chance to hang out with them.
I have sat down several times to write about our experiences this week,
and each time the tears begin to flow.
So I walk away .
Hopefully, during the next few days  I will be able to share the
feelings of my heart and
how much Joyce and Sarah have helped me.
But for now I just have pictures and a little explanation of our activities.

Tuesday we met for lunch along with anyone from the
Down syndrome bunch that could come.
This is Sarah and Bree.
Bree's mom is on her way to Eastern Europe to bring home Kareen. 
Bree had an iPad that she totally knew how to work.
After seeing her with her iPad, I think every child with
Down syndrome should have one.

Here we have 
Sarah and Max exchanging a high 5 with Piper in the background.

Wednesday we all met at Cafe Rio for dinner.
We met Debbie and Ryker.
Isn't he the cutest

 We also met Heather and her daughters Mia and Morgan.

Then on Thursday Sarah and Joyce came to my house. Sarah really seemed to like
Kristen's room. She immediately pointed out Kristen's Hannah Montana doll.
Later Joyce told me that when they got in the car to leave
Sarah kept telling her, "Mom, Kristen is still here."
I have no doubt that she was indeed here.

Next we made a stop at the cemetery.
Sarah had a purple butterfly for Kristen.

Today was awesome.
 I stayed in the hotel room for a couple of hours with Sarah
while Joyce scoped out the Quilt Market.
Sarah was sitting in her bed watching television.
She soon got her back pack and began to show me her treasures.
She had several books, an iPod, and she even had her own cell phone.
Her phone is green and had pictures of all her favorite people.

Then it was off to the Quilt Market where everyone seemed to know who
Sarah was. I think she was getting tired of having her picture taken.

Tomorrow we are at it again.
I can hardly wait.
But first I need to make a stop at Subway to pick up one of
Sarah's favorite things...
Chocolate Chip Cookies.


Kristin said...

Sarah is just the sweetest. I was so happy to finally get to meet you in person, too! I know Kristen was just as amazing and it brought tears to hear Sarah could feel her in her room!

Amy L said...

I'm so happy that you get to spend the week with Sarah and her Mom. They are pretty special. You are too Polly!:)

My Blog said...

How fun :) Sarah seems darling.

Groves said...

I am just loving looking at all the pictures of this fun trip - and your time with Sarah and Joyce. And I also get tears in my eyes *every time* there is a picture of the three of you. I really, really, really miss the **one** who is missing.

Oh, Kristen! I wish things were different!

Crying again, but trying to be brave like you are,

Cathy in Missouri