I created this blog when my sweet little girl, Kristen, was diagnosed with cancer, for the third time. After fighting for almost 3 years Kristen was called home to that same God who gave her life. One of my favorite quotes comes from Neal A. Maxwell- "Those who "plow in hope" not only understand the law of the harvest but they also understand what growing seasons are all about. True, those with genuine hope may see their proximate circumstances shaken like a kaleidoscope at times, yet with the "Eye of faith" they still see divine design." Kristen blessed lives and continues to do so. Her light continues to shine. As for me, I continue to "plow in hope" knowing well that Kristen is mine for eternity. Families can be together forever!

Monday, September 6, 2010

stayin busy

I have found that busy is best. We are finally putting our house back together. In the basement , the paint will be finished soon and later today the new carpet will go in. My storage room is coming back together as well. It definitely has a lot less junk and that's a good thing. Besides losing all our files, my food storage is gone and most of my holiday decorations are gone as well. But I'm over it. 

Saturday Kamie and I went to a friends fundraiser yard sale and sold snow cones. She is trying to raise money for an adoption. Everyone has been trying to help. Another blog friend had it in her yard and others donated items to be sold.  

The flood has set me back just a little as far as donating items to the hospital. It seems every spare minute is spent cleaning and organizing my stuff. Both Kamie and my sewing machines were soaked and covered in mud. I had planned to make book bags with Fall and Halloween print material and fill them with school items. I am calling these "hospital activity bags." Every time Kristen and I would be in the hospital, it seemed we were looking for a pair of scissors, crayons or paper to help pass the time away. One of these bags would have been just what we needed. As soon as we get one of the sewing machines either repaired or replaced then we will continue with the projects.
We are still planning on doing our "Annual Build a Bear Drop" a week or so before Christmas. This was a fun project we started last year and those who participated have already asked if we are doing it again.
Of course we are!
I have decided to call the service projects that we do
"Kristen's Light"
I have said before that even though she is gone her light will continue to shine. I am working on a poem that I can include with the donated items. If any of you have an ideas or even just a line for the poem,
don't be afraid to share.
Some of you might be a poet and not even know it. So please share.

Kristen loved lights of all kinds. Here are a few of her favorites. She would play with each one of these before she went to bed. It was part of her routine. I would also like to put a light, such as one of these, or even a flashlight with each gift we donate. If you know where I can get some of these please let me know, as most of these were gifts to Kristen.
Thanks for all of your continued support as I try to find my way back to shore.


Swilor Family said...

I have a sewing machine that is just sitting at my moms. I've only used it a few times. It may not be the coolest, newest thing, but it would definitely get more use at your house than in my moms basement. You're free to "store" it for me at your house and use it all you want. I'll just let you know if I need it. I'll have my mom bring it up with her today and Kelli can pick it up and bring it to you tomorrow. If you don't want it that's fine, but I'll get it up here just in case.

Also, isn't food storage supposed to be for emergency in an event like this? Ironic that it got ruined. You're in our prayers!

Jana said...

If you need any help with your sewing, call me! I will my madre's sewing machine to your house and we can have a sewing party!!!

Zoey's mom said...

We definitely want to participate in the Build a Bear this year.So we will get that out to you.Maybe it will be incentive for me to get a head start on shopping.

Also,we have a sewing machine,hardly used,it is Taylor's and we,she, would like to give it to you,if you are still in need.Just FB me and let me know.

Continued love and prayers to you Polly as you keep busy,all the while missing your sweet girl.

Love from California.

Elizabeth said...

I work at a children's hospital as a Child Life Specialist. We often use these lights for distraction! Our department purchases some from S&S Worldwide (they have some great purple fan ones!). We also purchase them at WalMart and Target as we see them, but have found that it is really hard to find the lights at retail stores. Your message and your bags are going to be a wonderful gift to families and patients, it is one that is much needed!

Michelle said...

What a great project to be a part of! There are really cool spinny lighty things (technical name I am sure) at Walmart for $5 each. If you email me your address, I will go pick some up and mail them upto you to include in the bags. Miss P loves hers too! mtherklesen@yahoo.com

ParkerMama said...

Polly, I've seen these often at Target during the Holidays. I'll keep my eyes open and grab some to send to you the next time I come across them.

Much love,

Tammy and Parker

Bridget said...

I just want to make sure what you are looking for with the poem. Is this poem going to be for all items you donate now and in the future (bags, bears, lights, etc). I just want to make sure I am thinking in the right directions. Also, more info on the bear thing. What is it that you do with that?