I created this blog when my sweet little girl, Kristen, was diagnosed with cancer, for the third time. After fighting for almost 3 years Kristen was called home to that same God who gave her life. One of my favorite quotes comes from Neal A. Maxwell- "Those who "plow in hope" not only understand the law of the harvest but they also understand what growing seasons are all about. True, those with genuine hope may see their proximate circumstances shaken like a kaleidoscope at times, yet with the "Eye of faith" they still see divine design." Kristen blessed lives and continues to do so. Her light continues to shine. As for me, I continue to "plow in hope" knowing well that Kristen is mine for eternity. Families can be together forever!

Friday, January 8, 2010

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book. ~Irish Proverb

Seriously...this girl never sleeps! This is a rare occasion so of course I had to capture the moment. She looks like a beautiful
angel so cozy in her bed.
Bringing a sick little girl home from the hospital has some advantages and well some disadvantages. It is a blessing to be here at home with family, being able to make dinner, do laundry and get Ryan up and off to school. Those are some of the things I miss when we are in the hospital. Do you ever think you could actually miss cooking, laundry, grocery shopping? Take it all away and I am pretty sure you would be just like me and miss those things. The just being a mom things.

Kristen was very sick Wednesday night. She spiked a fever, her arms and legs were red and on fire caused by the chemo she had received. She was throwing up every few hours. She was light headed and dizzy. It wasn’t fun. I was scared and worried and for a few
moments I actually thought,
“Why did we ever come home???”
After a dose of Tylenol and a few prayers she was able to fall asleep. I slept with her and kept feeling her head to make sure she wasn’t burning up. By 3 in the morning the fever broke and she was finally resting comfortably. Yesterday morning I tried to get her to stay in bed but of course she was anxious to get to her routine. She was still nauseated and weary on her feet. I tried to give her the anti-nausea medicine but of course it was so awful tasting that she gagged and threw it up too. She was able to keep some soup down. She went back up to her bed around 6pm. She usually lies in bed and watches Disney Chanel for a few hours. As you can see in the pic she quickly fell asleep and slept for several hours. Sleep she indeed needed.
As for today, she is once again up and anxious to get to her routine. She is pale and her eyes are sunken. I will definitely be pushing for lots of fluids. As the chemo settles in and her counts begin to fall she will only become less and less active.

One more note…I received the letter from the insurance company it reads something like this;
"This is to advise you that your request for authorization of payment for a related allogeneic bone marrow transplant for the above-mentioned client has been denied."
I have left a message with the bone marrow clinic asking themwhat do we do now?
So we got the good sleep, now we are looking for a good laugh.
 Any suggestions?


ABandCsMom said...

Oh for Pete's sake. Denied?! What?? Do insurance companies realize how stupid they look to others when they deny such necessary pieces of the puzzle, when it comes to the HEALTH of their members. Gahhh!

Kristen sure looks comfy and peaceful in that bed. Peaceful sleep is always good. I hope she is feeling better. Glad you avoided having to head to the hospital.

stefanie said...

denied...typical...it seems you have to fight for everything...i am sooo glad she is getting sleep, I hope she starts feeling better

The VW's said...

I love the quote! So true!

I'm glad that you are both able to sleep at home and I'll be praying that you will get some great laughs too!

Insurance companies are such a pain! I pray that they approve the transplant soon and that it doesn't cause you any worries!

Love, Hugs and Prayers!!!

stephanie said...

How the hell can they deny that? Are they freakin serious.
Hope you find your laugh, not going to get it from them. That makes me so mad!

on the other hand, Kristen does look like a beautiful peaceful angel.
prayers and hugs!

SSBenjamins said...

Unreal, I am so sorry you received a letter of denial, they just don't get it.. I sometimes wonder if any of these head honcho's have had any problems etc. I pray for her and pray for you.. I hope you get some answers regarding the denial letter. My heart sure goes out to you guys and your sweet angel.. She looks so peaceful sleeping, what a sweet girl. Yes, Trent did go to Jordan Valley, he is such a gem we miss so much. So glad to find you.

Angi said...

Write up more requests and keep on sending them...but really, you need to contact the insurance company yourself and talk to a person!!!!
Love the picture of her peaceful sleep:)

Nef Family said...

If Kristin's over the age of 18 and has SSI, she should qualify for Medicaid so long as she doesn't have any assets. Medicaid no longer counts the parents income at that age. I have several clients with Medicaid as a secondary insurance and it often will pick up the tab when the primary insurance won't. Plus insurances are lot more flexible when one alone doesn't have the brunt of the bill. Also, my nephew had a BMT and I know the family had to really fight the insurance company for it, including in person negotiation meetings, but it worked. don't know if that helps. We are hoping it works out for you.

Peter Olson said...

That's a typical response for the insurance company. They should give approval, but you have to fight with them first. They had the same response for me. My request for a BMT insurance approval went in the first part of Nov. 08 and I received approval on December 17, 2008.
They took four months to pay the hospital bill of $144K.
I had a fever, shakes and leopard spots on my body. They gave me Dilaudid in my IV and that knocked me out. Rest is very good!
Mom jobs are hard work. I tried a couple of them once. Almost killed me. Ha! Ha! I pray Kristen gets approval and feels better soon.

datri said...

Praying the insurance company comes to its senses! Keep fighting! (both of you!)

Tommy's mommy said...

Appeal it. It's just another letter and phone call, but it's definately worth the time. I find that these insurance companies usually deny requests the first time. grrr

I'm thinking of her and you!

Brandi said...

My boys were so excitied to hear that Kristen is doing a little better....not a day goes by we don't pray for her! Good luck with the insurance company, maybe the hospital can give you some ideas??